Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Shell Club?

Shell Club is the first loyalty program in the oil industry in Kenya designed to reward all Shell customers for every visit. As a member of Shell Club, you can earn loyalty points whenever you spend on Shell fuels, Shell lubricants, Afrigas cooking gas or at convenience shops at select Shell Service Stations. Your points can then be redeemed for rewards at our 70+ redemption partners, countrywide.

2. Who can join Shell Club?

Shell Club is open to all our customers:
  • Personal car owners
  • Motorbike owners
  • Taxi drivers
  • Matatu crews & Pick-ups
  • Truck & bus drivers

3. Who is eligible to join Shell Club?

This program is open to all motorists within Kenya who are 18 years and above.

4. What is a Tag?

Whenever you make your purchases for either Shell fuels, Shell lubricants, Afrigas cooking gas or at convenience shops at select Shell service stations countrywide, you can either swipe your Shell Club card or scan your tag to receive your points.

5. How do I join Shell Club?

  • Visit select Shell stations countrywide to register
  • Once you receive your Welcome Pack with your Shell Club card & tag, you will receive 150 welcome bonus points.
  • Complete registration and receive 350 more bonus points. You can do this on the Shell Club website or by downloading the Shell Africa App or by calling customer service on +254 709 370 888.
  • 6. What do I need to register?

    The first step of registration at the station. You only require your mobile number.
    Thereafter, you can complete registration by providing your other details via:
    1. The Shell Club website or,
    2. Through the Shell Africa App or,
    3. By calling the Call Center on +254 709 370 888

    7. Is the card or tag I will receive with my Welcome Pack free?

    Yes. The Shell Club card & tag are free of charge.

    8. How do I earn Shell Club points?

    You can earn points at Shell fuels, Shell lubricants, Afrigas cooking gas or at convenience shops at select Shell service stations countrywide. Spend on Shell V-Power or Shell Helix and you will earn double points.
    Shell Fuel Save Diesel/ Unleaded 100 KES = 1 point
    Shell V-Power 100 KES = 2 points
    Shell Lubricants 1 Liter = 1 point
    Shell Premium Lubricants (Shell Helix) 1 Liter = 2 points
    Convenience Shops Purchases 100 KES = 4 points
    Afrigas 6kg 50 points
    Afrigas 13kg 100 points
    Afrigas 45kg 300 points

    9. Are there other bonus Shell Club points?

    Shell Club will periodically run special campaigns for Shell Club members, whereby they will be able to earn bonus points. We will communicate the details of any special campaign, through the website ( ) or the Shell Africa App. You can also call the Shell Club Customer Care Centre, to keep abreast on these promotions.

    10. How can I redeem my Shell Club points for rewards?

    The more points you earn, the closer you are to your rewards.
    With just 700 points, you can start redeeming rewards from our 70+ redemption partners. We have four options of redeeming your Shell Club points:
    1. Visit the website or use the Shell Africa App and click ‘Redeem’ to choose your reward depending on your points balance.
    2. You can also call the customer service center on +254 709 370 888 to find out your points balance and the redemption options available to you.
    3. Once you have selected your reward and your order validated, you will receive an E-voucher via SMS that you can use at the selected redemption partner outlet.
    4. In the case of airtime, the top up is automatic; all you have to do is to put in your number or the number you would like to top up, the top up.
    Note: The customer should validate his gift order with his previously established secret code. Please be advised that only customers who have completed the program registration process will be the ones able to redeem their points and access rewards.

    11. What are the rewards or gifts?

    Shell Club redemption options include the following categories:
    1. Airtime
    2. Personal and household Shopping
    3. Food vouchers
    4. Travel and accommodation coupons
    5. Experiential tickets such us concert tickets etc
    The rewards will be regularly updated on the Shell Club website and Shell Africa App . You can also call the Call Center for an update on the same.

    12. Can I redeem several gifts with my Shell Club points?

    Yes, you can redeem several gifts at once, with your points. All you have to do is accumulate enough points for the gifts that you want to redeem.

    13. What should I do in case my reward does not come through?

    Please get in touch with us on +254 709 370 888 to advise on how you can return the defective reward. If you witness an issue while at the merchant outlet (the place you are issuing your voucher), then we encourage you to check with us while at the location.

    14. How can I check my Shell Club points balance?

    Via the following options:
    • Signing in to your Shell Club account at
    • Calling the customer service on +254 709 370 888
    • Sign in on the Shell Africa App
    • Talk to a Customer Champion during your next visit to a Shell station and they can print for you a statement showing your recently accumulated points

    15. How long will my Shell Club points remain valid?

    Your Shell Club points will remain valid for a period of 24 months. If there is no during that period, the points will be reset to zero.

    16. Can I have multiple Shell Club cards in my name?

    No. The Shell Club card and tag can only be registered under one individual’s number and details.

    17. What should I do in case of loss / theft of my Shell Club card or tag?

    In the event of loss, theft or damage of the card or tag, a member is advised to contact customer service on +254 709 370 888. Your card will then be disabled. You can then replace both the Shell card and tag at any of the participating Shell service stations. Just remember to inform the Customer Champion that it is a card replacement and not a new registration.

    18. In case of loss of my Shell Club card or tag, are my points lost?

    No, they are not lost. When getting a new card or tag, your points will be transferred to the new card or your tag.

    19. I have lost my secret code for the Shell Club. What do I do?

    In the event of forgetting or losing your secret code, call customer service on +254 709 370 888.

    20. What does Shell do with my personal data?

    Shell Club members personal data/information remains strictly confidential. The data provided by the customer can be checked and modified at any time from the website / the Shell Africa App or by calling the Customer Care Center. For further details on the safety of your personal data, please check the Shell Club terms & conditions.

    21. How do I unsubscribe from the Shell Club program?

    You can personally unsubscribe from the program at any time by calling customer service on +254 709 370 888.

    22. How can I identify a participating Shell Club station?

    Any participating Shell Club station will have telescopic banners at the entry of the stations written Shell Club.